There are many ways you can help to make The Bee Byway a success!

1. Become a “Waypoint’! Each waypoint contains 27 bee-friendly plants that bloom continuously throughout the spring, summer, and fall, wild areas for native bees to nest, and a place for native bees to overwinter. If you  have room for these three things, YOU can BEEcome a Waypoint on The Bee Byway!


2. Become a “Pit Stop’! Homeowners can help fill in gaps between Waypoints, by planting at least three bee-friendly plants that bloom throughout the spring, summer, and fall. Everyone can become a site on The Bee Byway!


3. Donate resources! Plugs cost $1.25 each, so every little bit helps! Our goal is to plant over 1,300 plants this spring! If you have plants you’d like to donate, we will put them to good use!


If you would like to support our effort to create The Bee Byway in any one of these ways, please fill out the form below and we will be in touch with you.